Digital Smile Design

Digital Smile Design

Smile design, as the name suggests, is a personalized design. Studies such as color selection, model work, aesthetic plan, gingival aesthetics are done individually. Thanks to these works, a real artistic work emerges and the person's smile becomes special to him. Our most important assistant in these studies is digital planning. The digital planning work starts with the photo shoot and all the records of the person are transferred to the computer.

The design is carried out with the help of a special program on the recorded records. Modeling is done on the photograph of the person as if the teeth were made by making several alternative studies. By looking at these studies, the patient and the physician decide together which model and which color will be. In this way, no surprise results will be encountered.

In addition, another method is to prepare three-dimensional models within the framework of the determined design and apply them before starting any procedure on our patient. In this way, the person can see what kind of aesthetic result will be obtained in three dimensions before any operation is performed on their teeth. In addition, with this method, the compatibility of the teeth with the face is checked, the ideal smile and appearance suitable for the face are determined with the necessary abrasions and additions.

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