Porcelain Laminates

PORCELAIN LAMINATES  (leaf porcelain)

It is now possible to achieve maximum aesthetics and naturalness with the least damage to the tooth with incomparably less material loss compared to normal tooth cutting, and even without cutting any teeth in some cases. Although it is an application that requires a special porcelain and construction technique, which is attached to the outer surface of the tooth like artificial nails, Laminas are very durable and long-lasting.

Being very thin structures, transparency can be given better, which causes the tooth to look more natural.

It can be applied by making a roughening of 0.3-0.5 mm, as well as there are indications that it can be applied without cutting the teeth.

With porcelain laminates, we can change the color, shape and length of the teeth as we wish. In addition, we offer more permanent and more natural solutions to the problems of our female patients, such as tissue loss, sagging and thinning over time, on the lips and around the lips and cheeks, with porcelain laminate applications.

If arrangements will be made regarding the gums, that is, the gingival lengths will be cut, the thickenings will be eliminated, and the discoloration of the gingiva will be removed, at this point, we start to design the new smile design of our patient after only a few days of rest, instead of waiting 2-3 months for healing by putting the Lasers into action. And after about 10-14 days of laboratory phase, our patients can regain their new smiles.

Scope of application;

- People with broken front teeth,
- People whose front surfaces of their teeth are worn due to various factors (hard brushing, etc.),
- People who are not satisfied with the color of their teeth,
- People who have crooked teeth and do not want to wear braces,
- People who have discoloration due to large fillings in their front teeth,
- People with gaps between their teeth,
- It can be applied to people whose teeth are so short that their upper teeth are not visible during laughing.

What are the Advantages of Leaf Porcelain applications?

- They do not change color with external factors such as tea, coffee and cigarettes.
- They are applied without reducing the teeth.
- They look so natural that it cannot be understood that a porcelain application has been made.
- Since no operation is performed on the tongue side of the teeth, patients do not feel foreign. Therefore, it is very easy to adapt.
- They are very resistant to abrasion. They protect the tooth and prevent the development of caries.
It is possible to make this design for anyone who wants to have a more flamboyant smile. At the same time, people who want to delay aging in this context, who want natural tooth support and filling and saturation in soft tissues such as cheek and lip, also apply to this method.

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