Gingival Diseases Treatment - Periodontology

Gingual Diseases,The process, which is formed by the accumulation of unwanted bacteria under the gums, can cause treatments that take too long to compensate over time.
Gingival Diseases Treatment - Periodontology

Gingival Diseases Treatment - Periodontology

Gum disease is one of the diseases that everyone encounters at least once in daily life and often ignores. Gum bleeding while brushing our teeth in the first hours of the day we start our daily lives is one of the most obvious and simple symptoms of these diseases. The process caused by the accumulation of unwanted bacteria under the gum can cause treatments that take too long to recover over time. For this reason, you should take the bleeding gums, which seem very simple, seriously. However, heavy accumulation of bacteria will cause bad odor in the mouth and may damage your daily life standards and relationships with your environment.

Bacteria that may occur under the gum can also cause gingival recession, which is the most important process of gingival diseases. This process prepares the environment for the displacement of healthy teeth and the loss of healthy teeth over time and causes tooth loss to occur at very young ages.

Periodontal treatments include the treatment of gum problems such as gum disease (gingivitis), advanced gum disease (periodontist). Today, various surgical and ultrasonic instruments are used in the treatment of gingival diseases, and very successful and painless treatments can be performed with the help of these new instruments.

In our clinic, the importance of improving oral hygiene in the treatment of gingival diseases is emphasized and a training program about oral and dental care is given to our patient, and all information is given from what kind of toothbrush to choose, to toothpaste types, to the importance of using mouthwash and dental floss. You can get rid of your problems as a result of detailed gingival surgery applications such as simple calculus cleaning and deep curettage-flap operation, as well as gingival treatments that we support with laser applications and ozone therapies with growth cell contents obtained from your blood called PRF. Again, with laser application, we perform aesthetic applications that we call Pink Aesthetics (Tooth Length Extension - Crown Height Increase) in a painless and bleeding-free way.

Date: 25 / 05 / 2021
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