10 True about Implant Dentistry

Implant is actually a treatment that has no end from the age of 18, that is, it can be done very easily until the age of 80.
10 True about Implant Dentistry

Implant Dentistry

Implant is actually a treatment that has no end from the age of 18, that is, it can be done very easily until the age of 80. In fact, the implant is a treatment that has been used for many years. Its construction has been talked about a lot lately because it is more audible and more practical.

The implant is a titanium-weighted material made of special materials that imitate the root of the tooth in order to complete the defect. This is a prosthesis and it is placed in the areas where there is one or more missing teeth with a surgical model in order to complete this deficiency.implant dentistry 1

As I said, sometimes we place implants as soon as we remove the tooth. Even in some aesthetic applications, the patient can come and go with the teeth, provided that the tooth is extracted, the implant is placed and the temporary crown is placed on the implant.

Or vice versa, it is possible to come without any teeth and leave the clinic with 1-2 hours of application with teeth attached. During the implant treatment, the patient does not feel any pain because it is done under anesthesia. The patient spends a very comfortable period.

We request some radiographic examinations from the patient. To see the bone condition.implant dentistry 2

If the bone does not have the width and height we want, there are more advanced surgical methods that can be applied for implant placement. In other words, we do not say that your bone is not suitable for the patient, so implants cannot be made in any way.

Here, we make space with the operation we call sinus lifting, which is performed on the upper jaw and suitable for sinus cavities. Or, in very thin grafts in the mandible, we can place the patient's own bone taken from the corner of the mandible, and after a waiting period of 5-6 months, we can create new bone and implant on it.

These are slightly more advanced surgical operations, but they can be performed very easily. Therefore, we do not say that the patient cannot be implanted to a large extent.

Afterwards, we take some measures to avoid pain. For this, there is ozone therapy, which is very popular recently and we use frequently. Ozone therapy actually eliminates serious pain and swelling in the patient. The patient has a very comfortable postoperative period. Ozone therapy helps us a lot in this regard.

Ozone is actually a treatment that has been in medicine for 100 -125 years. While it was used much more widely outside of dentistry before, it has now started to be used in dentistry as well.

You have the chance to apply it in an average of 600 different cases in the indication. The biggest advantage of ozone in dentistry is that it accelerates tissue healing.

As I just said, swelling and pain in the mouth is to eliminate the pain that may occur after the operation. The purpose of ozone therapy is to increase the oxygen in the cells and thus to accelerate the healing in the cells with the energy created by the oxygen.

It is a set of applications in the patient's mouth to purify all kinds of bacteria in the mouth, from gingival operations, gingival diseases, to applications after any extraction or implant operation. There is a chance to benefit from the healing effect of ozone, even when rinsing the mouth with ozone of the water we use for applications such as tongue cleaning, which are made to remove odor.implant dentistry 3

We can use it in sterilization for sterilization of instruments. I apply ozone to the patient for ten minutes, especially after, before and after implant operations.

Since we started this practice, our patients started to have no post-operative swelling and pain problems. Ozone has a special device. It turns the oxygen in the air into a poet. In fact then it is an activated oxygen. It converts the oxygen in the air to ozone. In some applications we need to use pure oxygen.

We have special oxygen cylinders for him too. We use the oxygen there. Do not forget that implant applications are much easier and more problematic for the patient than a normal treatment, a root canal treatment.

As I said afterwards, since we almost completely eliminate the problems that may occur with the ozone applications and ozone therapy applications, the patient comes and goes very comfortably. You can also visit our other website dentisttr.com for more information about implantology.

Date: 10 / 06 / 2021
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